Mr. Yu holds a Master's degree in finance from the University of Melbourne and earned his BA degree in Economics in Guangxi University. He has worked at Credit Suisse, National Australia Bank Ltd, China Minsheng Bank and ICBC. Mr. Yu had years of experience in financial market.

Mr. Long, earned a MBA from the University of Wales, has twenty years of experience in securities investment. Mr. Long had worked at financial institutions including CIFCO, Guotai Junan Securities and FY Asset Hong Kong. He has detailed knowledge of arbitrage mechanisms in primary and secondary markets and has achieved 100 time returns many times from investing in the high-growth firms he discovered. Mr. Long, as the team leader, has lead the current team to invest in a great number of high quality firms in the primary market.

Andy Chen

Mr. Hu has nine years experience in securities investment and previously worked at Guotai Junan Securities, Pingan Bank, and Zhongrong Trust. He is expert at SME's operation and risk control, as well as the operations of primary and secondary markets. Mr. Hu had done extensive research in individual stocks and industries and has helped private funds train their traders. Mr. Hu has a deep understanding of risk control.

Yong Jiang

Dr. Jiang graduated from Peking University Neurological Surgery Program, received M.S. degree in human nutrition from Purdue University. He has done the post-doc research about pharmacokinetics in Purdue University pharmaceutical laboratory, he has done the research of traumatic spinal cord injury in the research lab of Indiana University neurosurgery department. He has clinical experience in Indiana University Hospital, New York-Presbyterian Hospital (Cornell University, Columbia University). Dr. Jiang also has the working experience as the Chief Analyst of Khan Funds in New York. He has a profound understanding of the bio-medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Ms. Li has seven years of securities investment experience. She had worked in the financial department of Founder Securities, and she was the co-founder and the general manager of Lexue Cultural Education institution. Ms. Li has years of experience in enterprise operations and investment in Chinese A-Share market. 

Ms. Wan graduated from Ohio University with a BA in Economics, and had worked as Director of wealth in top domestic and foreign financial institutions. Ms. Wan has had extensive experience in venture-capital markets.


Jorina Li

Mr. Liu earned a masters degree in finance from Peking University. He had worked as industrial analyst and investment director in top financial institutions including Blackstone. He has ten years of experience in investment management and has done many equity invetment projects as a team leader. Mr. Liu had done extensive research in new materials, TMT, bio-pharmaceutical, and internet projects.




Tony Yu

Ms. Chen holds a Master's degree in Education, as well as an BA degree in German literature. Ms. Chen is an expert in investor relations and has years of investment experience in the educational industry.

Ang Li

Kenton Kilmer

Management Team

Kenton Kilmer attended Columbia University majoring in East Asian studies with concentration in business and economics. Formerly he spent 5 years as managing director of QQC Consulting (Qingdao), specializing in business cycles, geopolitical policy, consumer memes, correlative industries, currency fluctuations, and import/export relationships. He holds a CFA Claritas Investment Analysts Certificate and is a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts. He is originally from Manhattan, New York and is a member of the Mayflower Society and Sons of the American Revolution (SAR).

Dr. Li holds both MD and PhD of Columbia University School of Medicine, and he's the Bachelor of Arts with triple majors in mathematics and statistics, biology and chemistry of Williams College. He's also the founder and CEO of Avidence Capital Advisors, LLC. It focus on investment advisory in US-listed pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.