Reception of Beijing Branch

Yuzhi Hu

Managing Director of Fortune Management Department

Committee on Investment

Member of FY Asset with Warren Edward Buffett in Feb, 2009

Investment Group of 48 People form Qingyuan, Guangdong Visited the FY Assets in 8th Oct, 2006

Jack Liu

Managing Director of Investment Bank Department

Andy Chen

Presenter, Assistant of the CEO

Presenters Team

Emma Wan

General Manager of Beijing Branch

Lawrence Long

CEO of F&Y Capital

Staff of Shenzhen Branch

Investigate and survey in Tencent

Jie Dong

General Manger of Shenzhen Branch

Daily Meeting of Investment Bank Department

Staff of Beijing Branch

Liqun Deng

Presenter of Fortune Management Department

Reception of Shenzhen Branch

Staff of Investment Bank Department

Company Photos

Staff of Headquarters in Shenzhen

Reception of HQ in Shenzhen